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It all began in 1981, when Tadeusz Szepietowski started servicing refrigeration equipment. Only fifteen years later, in 1996, he created a company called "Cooling Services Tadeusz Szepietowski".


  • In 1998, the company name was changed to "P.H.U. Gama Tadeusz Szepietowski ”and the offer was enriched with milking devices.

  • In 2004, Krystyna, the wife, joined the company and the name was changed to "P.H.U. T.K. Szepietowscy s.c.”.

  • In 2007, the son Robert and Marcin, with his wife Ewa, joined the company.

  • 2007 was the year of introducing milking equipment under the brand ‘EUROMILK’

2011 – The premiere of the first Euromilk Rino FX 800 mixer wagon

  • In 2013, the company's HQ was changed and production started in a new plant at 5 Przemysłowa Street in Wysokie Mazowieckie, Poland. In the same year, EM Buffalo manure spreaders and EM Scorpio bale wrappers were introduced.

  • In 2015, the company name was changed again from "P.H.U Gama Szepietowscy sp.j." to "Gama Group Szepietowscy sp.j.".

The years 2013-2016 were marked by a strong specialization in nutrition technology:

  • new models of EM Rino mixer wagons
  • completely automated feeding robots EM Feedex and EM TMRobot were launched.

  • 2019 - The premiere of the self-propelled, fully automatic EM Qube animal feeding device.

  • In 2019 - the premiere of a new machine in our offer: EM PUMA mixer wagon with a horizontal mixing system

  • In 2020 - Buffalo manure spreaders obtained the European Homologation Certificate.


2022 – Euromilk introduces a new device: a manual feed pusher called EM Viper.