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About Euromilk

EUROMILK is a family business that supplies complete and specialized solutions for farms focused on high performance, profitability and productivity. The company belongs to the GAMA Group, which has been developing in the agricultural sector since 1990. The main activity profile is the production of high-class agricultural machinery, mainly feed wagons and manure spreaders. The company's headquarters is located in north-eastern Poland - the very center of the Polish dairy industry.

The company is constantly developing in terms of the latest technologies. We provide advanced solutions, aimed primarily at farms with a milk production profile. The solutions we offer are selected with particular regard to customer requirements, and many years of experience allow us to fully satisfy their most important needs.

The selection of appropriate solutions takes place after prior consultation with highly qualified specialists, thanks to which the final products ensure satisfaction throughout the entire period of operation.




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Thanks to innovation, uncompromising quality and attractive prices, we meet the expectations of our customers.


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Our main goal is to be perceived on the market as one of the best companies that offers solutions for farms specialising in milk production.


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Intensive research on new products, before being introduced to the market, takes place both in the company’s laboratory and in the farms


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Professional customer service is the foundation of our business. We pay special attention to meetings with customers, thanks to which we are a company open to the needs of the market.


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The goal of EUROMILK is to provide products of the highest quality that are easy to assemble, which are durable and affordable. Service training and materials, with an easy to understand form, is an essential part of the service program. Dealers located in Poland are professionally prepared to carry out quick service of devices. Spare parts are easily available in Central Warehouse in Poland.


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